Would it be fine for a married woman to hang out with her gay friends?

I mean the lady is separated but legally and officially she is not divorced yet. Her separation started just last year. She and her husband both are members of a local sports team and when they were together they train together cause they belong to the same team. Now that they are separated, they still continue to train as well but each time they are on training, they dont mingle anymore, they barely talk to each other or not speak at all. INow each one arrives and leave the class after teh training is done, on their own, not together anymore as if they were a couple (the woman by bus or with a friend and the husband on his own car) , Im sure it must be awkward and uncomfortable for them to see each other each training, they share a 9yrd old daughter.

Anyway the lady has many gay friends (which Is not bad anyway) but there is one in particular that from the outside anyone can see seem they have something, because after her separation the gay friend became her super close loyal friend and this gay friend also belongs to the same sports team as her and her ex. Therefore they socialize together often, they arrive at trainign together and leave training also together by bus. If there is a social activity organized by the sports team, if the lady does not attend, her friend also do not attend, if she attends, he goes too,. If there is a Saturday (training day for the team) the lady can't attend training, guess what? her friend does not attend either, if one attend the otehr goes. It looks like to support his friend, he does what his friend does.

The gay guy know the lady and her husband for years even when she was married and not separated and they did get along fine like always but he was not that super extra close to
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her as he is now. In fact since he is gay, when she was married, he always teased her and say "she is my platonic love" like he was in love with her, but he was not but he did it like a tease, joke knowing he can't do anything about it cause he is gay and she was married anyway. Now he is the shoulder she can cry constantly on when she got separated. He (the gay guy) is her moral support
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This lady had a female friend (who is married) for more than 11 years and she even got distant after the ladys separation, instead of getting closer for emotional support, the BFF got distant and nwo the femael friends hardly speak to each other and she chose her gay friend for support to mingle rather than her BFF for years.
Would it be fine for a married woman to hang out with her gay friends?
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