What do you think about "trial" marriages? Are they like "trail" relationships?

Just wondering, do you go into a relationship thinking "hey this is a trial marriage/relationship and if it doesn't work at least I learn a lot about it for my next REAL relationship"

Or do you go into a marriage/relationship thinking "hey this is a REAL marriage/relationship and I want it to work and I'm going to get advice/read self help books etc to make it work no matter what because I love that person"

What do you think? Because there's so many "trail" relationship/marriages now a days that I see of.

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  • In my opinion, a relationship should be the "trial" phase for marriage. Marriage isn't just something to try out. It is a lifelong commitment. Sure, there are going to be difficulties, but that is what the dating portion of the relationship is for, to see how compatible you are with the other person and if you can survive those difficulties with that person.

    • so you agree in trial relationships just not trial marriages? because you think the person should know enough about marriage with a few trial relationships?

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    • i see what you mean, thanks for answering.

    • My pleasure. Thank you for asking.

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  • All my relationships have been real. Of course I want them to work, and I certainly don't give up the moment things get tough. I'm committed to the person I'm with and to our relationship and will try whatever I can to make it work. But, I'm also realistic enough to know when to call it quits. If my relationship becomes unhappy and/or unhealthy and if together, we haven't been able to fix things, or if I'm putting in effort to make things work but my partner is unwilling to do the same, then I will end the relationship. And if things don't work out, at least I learn a lot for my next relationship.

    • so you don't believe in "trial" relationships or "trial" marriages then? but you do believe in the fact that a relationship can end and you can just move on to another relationship learning more of what you hadn't known?

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    • eh it's not really fairy tale land, it's more of... hoping for magic things to happen and having faith that it will happen. People are allowed to hope, have faith, and believe in things they haven't seen yet. Well anyways, thanks for your view point.

  • I do trial relationships, but I wouldn't go into a marriage with that mentality.

    • eh some people do. I've read some magazine articles on it. I wouldn't either, but if the marriage gets hard...

    • oh, sure, I'm not saying I would never break off a marriage if it wasn't going well, but I just wouldn't go into it thinking it was a trial rather than a relationship that I was going to work to keep.

    • ok cool