How can I propose to my girlfriend!?


I've been with my girlfriend for a couple years now and I want to propose to her in a way that she will never forget, but I am not sure if I can proceed like I would like to.

She is quite open with trying new things and she loves life in general, is always happy and doesn't matter how bad I sometimes messed up, she never did get upset, so I think she wouldn't be mad at me for proposing this way: There is that restaurant where she loves to go in which we can't see anything. We eat in a pitch black room for a couple hours, have some good wine and we have spent great evenings the last few times we went there. I thought of exchanging her glass of wine with the box containing the ring I got for her while we are having diner. She would feel a box instead of the glass of wine she would expect to grab and I wouldn't let her suspect anything prior to that exact moment.

The only 2 problems with this idea is that I can't kneel down when I propose as the blind waiters would run into me, and she won't be able to see the ring until after we see the daylight again. Should I try to find a plan B or would it be OK to stick with my original plan? Some of my friends tell me you HAVE to kneel down when proposing. Please help!
How can I propose to my girlfriend!?
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