I met a guy in online......he was asking about my marriage

hi friends

please help me out.i met a guy in online.he was asking abt my marriage.then he said he loves to flirt with me.he many times asked for my phone number,i refused to give him.

he once askd that whether I will marry a guy like him.iam totally confused.whether he is flirting or likes me.iam clueless.


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  • Obviously, he doesn't like you, he hasn't even met you. he is a creep. stalker, scam, maybe?

    I have the same problem, he is just a penpal and he says he loves me and thinks about me all the time. I told him its not even possible.

    Just be weary of that sorta guy, desparato man.

    • Thanks for ur reply dear..................

  • how much you been know him?

    if I was you I won't give him my number you can't trust anyone and if he really cared about you he will just stay talking to you even you didn't give him your number , he would say that he don't care if you don't wanna give him your number .. I know someone online and he never asked me about my number !