Does he really want to be with me or is he afraid of being alone?

I am engaged to a great guy. We had great sex at the beginning of the relationship, now nothing.

He said he loves me, he said he never wants to be without me, he is always asking me to be near him no matter where we go.

I ask him why he wants to be with me and he says because he loves me and if we get married he knows he will never have to be alone again.

We have been together for three years now and I am starting to worry since we never have sex (his choice not mine) anymore that maybe, he only wants to marry me for companionship. What I thought was great sex at the beginning maybe wasn't so great for him. I have always told him how important sex in a relationship is to me and now I worry that I may not marry him, because the thought of living the rest of my life without sex completely depresses me.

Am I beginning to worry that there is a lot more going on than he is telling me. Help, what does this mean. Does he just want to marry a friend with no benefits or does he really love me and I need to stop worrying?


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  • Talk to him about it. You're engaged to the guy, so you should be able to do that.

    • I have tried for over a year, he says it is stress. But in my view when I met him his life was far more stressful than it is now. My problem is that he won't let me even touch him. He doesn't want to try and when I asked him to talk to the doctor to see if there was a problem he said he would.

      We put off the wedding once and I am afraid I will not be able to go through with the wedding if we have not fixed this problem.