Cyber engagement?

ok so I met this guy online and we barely talked for like two hours and felt like we knew each other inside and out.

i hadnt logged in for like a week and when I did I read the offline msg and it said "i miss you, get online, blah blah" and then I did a couple of days later and he seriously did miss me, he somehow made me his gf, and I didn't mind he's pretty cute and I do feel chemistry.

HOWEVER, the third time we chatted , we were having such a good time and he's like would you marry me, and I mean he's faraway and I barely know him and don't really take him too seriously so I said yes in a jokingly way but he took it seriously he's like "im so happy I'm crying!"


i didn't say anything I went along with it

but I mean, seriously was it wrong for me to say that? he lives in argentina and I live in the u.s. , he's 22 and I'm 17.

and it seemed he really does take me seriously because he calls my mom mother in law and I haven't even talked about my family or siblings or anything just about me and he already told me his family background and all the details, even showed me pictures and all, yet he never asks me anything about me, I think its just the fantasy of having someone to love, I don't know.

anyway you know what people say, argentinians think theyre gods, and they sort of do. lol


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  • Ok, first of all: I think he's lying about his age lol

    Well. If he's really 22 and doesn't live in dreamland he knows that it doesn't work like that

    I have nothing against online dating, because I met my ex online :P but you have a lot of things to consider like age distance and the fact YOU DON'T KNOW HIM, doesn't matter if know him for 3 weeks or 3 years online, you just don't know him in real life, you have your family, your friends your Life. You just don't know him, so if you really wanna keep this 'relationship' try to get all information about him and when you feel safer, try to meet him in real life (this is the hardest part) so if he travels from Argentina to meet you 1-he's crazy or he really loves 2- he's really crazy and he's gonna kill you and sell your organs (lol just kidding here, but KEEP IN MIND: YOU DONT KNOW HIM) and if you want him to know you were kidding about marrying him, just say it to him.


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  • i don't understand it

    why do people even

    consider online dating?

    its just weird.

    that argentinan guy is

    weird too.

    there are sooooo many

    beautiful females in


    and he's talking to

    girls online. that are

    like more than a 6 hr

    flight away from him

    they don't think their gods

    their just cocky and

    they sometimes

    say that jesus was

    actually born in Argentina

    (they say it jokingly, trying

    to imply that Argentina

    is the best place in the world

    • Thats what I meant theyre cocky

      and yeah I mean online dating isn't a good idea and that is not an option for me, I was joking and assumed he was too

      but I guess he wasnt :/

  • Hahaha. That's funny. People are crazy.


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  • i have to say I have never heard anyone say that about argentinians. I do think it was wrong of you to say "yes" online, even if you were just joking. chatting online has this nasty little thing about it and that thing is: it doesn't show your emotion. the poor guy, though moving too fast, obviously didn't realise that you were being sarcastic. the best thing to do would be to tell him that you think he is moving way to fast, especially for your age (if you live in the US you aren't even "legal" yet) it isn't a significant age difference, but it's the principal of the thing. don't crush the guy's soul, but you need to tell him that you thought about it and are not ready for marriage, and if you don't want to be his girlfriend, then you should tell him that as well.

    • Thanks you're very right, emotions are vague online

    • "Legal" age? There is no Federal law on "legal" age. Both age of consent and marriage laws vary. She isn't about to have sex with the guy (consent laws don't pertain to cybersex) -- and those laws are typically 16 anyway. And I don't see an internet justice of peace marrying them online. He's lost in a fantasy world, and she shouldn't encourage him... so on that, I agree with you.