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We met a year ago over fb. We clicked and became very close. In a few weeks. We talk about every day of the week on cam. He grew up in the middle east, got a BA in Hungary, then moved to the States where he's been living for the past 15yrs. I'll be visiting him in the States. We trust each other enough to know nothing bad is gonna happen. We talked about marriage several times and it's a possibility that we do get married. I don't mind living in the US Because I have lived there during 5 years (studying), so I know the country and customs. Although, he's mentioned moving back to his country (Jordan), after getting married...We Haven't talked a lot about customs, way of life, etc... I was wondering if anyone knows about customs, way of life there...just looking for a perspective different than his as he's lived out of his country for about 20yrs and his close family is mostly in the States and Americanized...


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  • The customs and the way of life in America or Jordan?

    • I've lived in the States during 5 yrs, so I know what it's like to live there. I was wondering about cusotms and way of life of Jordan...

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