When he proposed he looked red and embarrassed, so what should I do and how should I act?

well a few weeks ago I was sitting in a room studying two guys that are my friends come early and one of them who is my friend's boyfriend tells me the other one has something to tell me so I sat their ready to listen. when the other guy came in and saw that my usual friend was not there he ran and went on his knees and had a ring in his finger proposing to me. I was very scared at that point and embarrassed so I didn't move. The guy's friend seemed surprised as well and said that's random dude and left the room while the other guy stayed on the floor. After that I just said I needed help with a question and he helped me and then he sat opposite me and we started talking he then said do you accept my offer but I didn't answer. but then my friend arrived and he changed the subject and started talking about his girlfriends and so on. The day after that our class was cancelled and so I didn't see him for a whole week. The next time I saw him he was acting a little dry towards me but he did say hi to me a few times. from then on we still talk but I don't know how to take it, like a s a joke or not and what do I do. I also made my friend talk to him and say things like I'm not like my self and that that started happening from that day so he told her after like 3 tries that he proposed to me and he seemed a little embarrassed she told me and then asked her seriously if I was going to commit suicide. a week later he finds me in a room by myself and asks me if there's anything wrong and confronts me about how I'm not like my self but I denied everything. so basically I just need to know if you people think its a joke or their is some genuine admiration or what it could be. something else the reason why it didn't seem like a joke was because the ring was new and it wasn't his and I thought that if it was a joke he would use his own ring not go and buy a new one. Also when he proposed he looked red and embarrassed, so what should I do and how should I act?


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  • Normal take it one thing at atime