What should I do about the almost ex?

My almost ex husband (I haven't filed the second part of the divorce papers yet), and I met up a few weeks ago when I came back to our hometown for a wedding. He told me he loved me still and wanted to be with me, and that he was no longer dating the girl he had previously been with (but she needed a place to stay until she could buy a ticket back home), and that he wanted to work on our marriage and be with his family (we have two sons). I cautiously agreed to give it a go, and about two days he calls me and asks if I had slept with a guy friend of mine (my ex suspects that I left him for this guy friend, but I didn't). In the spirit of coming clean and starting with a fresh slate, I told him yes, but it was AFTER I found out that he (my ex) was in a new relationship. Now he says here at my house, claiming he can't get over it, he is still dating the other girl and doesn't know if he wants to be with me. What do I do now?


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  • jesus, sounds like this guy has his head up his ass...he dates another girl and then you sleep with someone to help you ease the pain or for whatever reason you did and now he can't get over it?!?!?!?!

    are we back in high school? I'm confused here...

    he's immature, it seemed like he came back to you AFTER his other relationship failed...sure he may have said he wanted to give it another shot because of the kids and that may be the truth, but right now from what you've said it seems he's being selifsh and realized that after his relationship with ms whatever failed, that his only other option (at this point) is you...

    im sure he's a good guy but he(or you) aren't making him out to be in this case...

    i'd say proceed with caution, he needs to get a grasp of reality and realize none of that would have happened had he been able to work on marriage...

    see people don't understand one thing - relationships take WORK, you aren't going to jsut meet prince charming and live happily ever after...even if you do meet him or her, its going to taek WORK...if people worked as hard at their marriages as they did their jobs then there would be A LOT less of a divorse rate...

    im sorry you're in this situation, but I would take things SLOW and VERY VERY slow...if he can't get over you sleeping with another person because of HIS wrong doings, then I think for your sake it would be better to move onto bigger and better things...also be careful, as I said before, this may be something temp until another "option" comes along, remember to be selfish with your emotions from time to time

    hope this helps, good luck

    • Thank you thank you thank you! I did sleep with the other guy because I found out that my ex had a girlfriend. And honestly, I'm not mad at him for that because he thought our marriage was never going to recover. My issue is, he re-opened this "can of worms" and he is still dating this girl and tells me he can't just break it off with her because he doesn't want to hurt her. I just don't get it.

    • hes lying...so he can break it off with you easy and date someone else but for some reason can't with this girl...what a douche...dont let him toy with you!

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  • This "doesn't have space to stay so she's at my place" sounds lame...


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