After I get her talking, when should I ask her out?

I initiate contact with a woman by starting some small talk, the conversation is flowing, but at what point do I ask her out for coffee, offer my number, etc?


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  • If she's fully engaged and things are going well, work the situation for awhile and then ask her out as you're leaving. It's good to leave them wanting a little more so don't exhaust your welcome. The most important key to getting a yes is to be a terrific listener. The most important thing to a woman, according to John Gray in Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, is to be heard, so hear her and let her know you hear her.


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  • AustinMan said it best - if it seems like the interest is there, go for it. You have nothing to lose, and the worst she can possibly say is a polite "no."

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