Reconsidering my marriage plan...Is he overwhelmed?

Ok so we've been together for 3 years and we are having marriage plans but since the unique and complex nature of our union ( legalwise... which I won't go into details about) he has to contact his ex wife and also file a lot of paperwork and he isn't the most practical guy in the world. So.I realized that he might not be the right guy for me OUT OF NOWHERE, overthinking and analyzing my relationship. First of all. dealing with his ex wife is very upsetting to him because they didn't break up on good terms and she hates his guts and she wants to cause problems. He can't reach her when he wants to and she witholds important information for us to move on. During this hinderance, I felt like I'm kind of turned off and he told me he's overwhelmed. He thought it would be easier to marry me but HEY.. I'm a foreigner in this country so its a lot of paperwork. He does love me and I know it but love is not enough. I got emotional , legal and financial wars to fight to marry this guy and I felt lonely in many aspects because of his being incapable of getting sh*t done. What should I do? I love him but I'm turned off a lot, he hasn't been calling as much as he would and its been going on for 3 days now and I don't feel like calling either. What has just happened? We were so in love. Please tell me what you think has happened. He doesn't like his ex wife a bit and he told me yesterday he wants to grow old with me but this statement didn't make me feel any way but it would have just a week ago.


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  • I believe that these problems have hindered the relationship so much that it's frustrating for both of you and takes up a lot of your time, effort and feelings. This would mean there isn't much of either of you left for each other.

    Has he considered handling this paperwork problem through a lawyer or a paralegal? This can offload the problem for him, though it will cost so additional money and possibly add to the time frame.


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