My boyfriend is saying weird things...what do you think it means?

I have been dating this guy for about 7 months now. Things have been going great. But I have been noticing him make some pretty odd comments every now and then. Not often but sometimes he will say things, and I am not sure what they mean.

We were watching the Proposal today. That movie with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds where Sandra is the big boss who forces Ryan to marry her because she wants to stay in the US and keep her job.

I made the comment "I could never marry anyone I didn't love" And he said "Why not, I think I could marry someone just for business"

Also, he said that people only truly love someone in a marriage for about 18 months. It made me really concerned. I am not sure if he was being serious or not. I don't think he is, but why say things like this :S

I know he does want to get married and have a bunch of kids one day. He has made that very clear to me. But I don't know what was with the comments before. I love him very much and really want this relationship to work out. I can see us having a future together, things have been going pretty smoothly so far.

So what is going on here :S

Help please!


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  • By experience, I have learned that sometimes guys say things without really realizing what they are saying... The comments may be sarcastic, they may be not, but the best way to find out is to actually drop that topic in a random conversation and see what he says... Good luck in your relationship, I hope it works out for you!


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