Help with buying jewelry for my gf! (ring size, engravement,

OK so I picked what ring (not proposing or anything, it's just a gesture like a promise ring) but don't know what size to get so I just got medium cos it looks like about right (I have a sneaky plan to measure her finger size by drawing round her hand) but they come in small medium or large where I'm getting it. Will other places like proper jewlers resize it if I need to? Also, I can't get it engraved, will a jewelers do that? It's made of pure sterling silver if that helps. I wanna get it engraved with "aishitemasu" which is japanese for "I love you" and is this kinda inside thing we have between just us and she loves when I say it that way on occasion lol. It has a pattern thing on it with some cubic zirconia and is really thin around it. Not like a wire but not like a thick wedding band if you know what I mean

Any ideas about:

1) how to get the right size

2) how to get it engaved (or just leave it)

3) how to get it resized

4) any thoughts about how well this gift will go down (its not all I'm getting her, see my other questions about christmas)


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  • 1) link

    2)most jewelers engrave for you =]

    3)take it back and ask DUH

    4)I suggest link (For the price and look)

    • Did you read the question or just the 1,2,3,4? I am buying from a shop not an actual jewelers so they can't resize it or engrave it!! Also, it's a surprise so ring size measuring sheets are a bit of a give!

      4) looks nice and everything but above budget slightly (not sure about full budget yet cos of other gifts) and its in the US so I can't get it anyway!!

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