How does one deal with Paranoid Schizophrenia?

I just learned that a ,not so close, family friend, the dad/husband has paranoid schizophrenia. That's pretty serious and scary. Apparently it was going on for 15 years. He once pointed to someone and said he was in the mob. He thinks someone is following him. He tapes the lights on electrical devices because he thinks there's a camera in them and he's being watched. That his wife's cheated on him with three guys. He's going into an institution or some kind of therapy. I'm not sure whether he was on medication the 15 years, but I think he will be now. I've heard that they've had problems in their marriage before, but now he was saying to really sign divorce papers. I'm under the impression he doesn't want to put his wife through this, and he could be a danger. My mom said he was abused as a child, his dad would tie him up. So, that probably triggered it. I was wondering if anyone has experience or knows of cases like this. What's it like, does it get better, how? Does society play a role, reading or watching things about secret orgnizations? What can the family do? Thanks.


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