Engaged and thoughts of ex?

I am about to be married and I am completely devoted to this guy. Unconditionally..However psychologically my mind is all over. I have been thinking more about my ex lately, then I should. He pops up in my dreams once in a while and it is really bothering me. I ran into his sister randomly (when she lives 12 hrs away from my city), he fb'd me randomly as well..The reason we didn't work out, was because when it came down to it, I chose my (now) fiancé over him..Because it was always gonna be him. He was my best friend and when his feelings became known, I'd seen him in a different way..Always the guy I imagined marrying..But when it came down to it he wasn't my fiancé. I have no second thoughts of this marriage or cold feet, but can't help and wonder why he is popping up in my life..And why now?


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  • maybe you just like knowing that he likes you and like knowing that maybe deep down inside he still likes you, and it makes you feel special.

    • No my fiance makes me feel special...I just wonder why after 3 years..this is happening.

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  • The more you are going to think about it the more it's going to start bothering you and it's pointless anyway to think about things like why now. You're engaged and you should move on. Don't ponder on things not worth knowing.

    • It's not a move on thing..it's a wtf is going on thing? It is bothering me the more I think about it..I do push it out of mind..but it's hard to do. Just wondering as to why I am letting it bother me..if that makes sense.

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