Is this a good sign??

My boyfriend told me that he wanted to take care of his kids in the future. Then when I asked him the question "do you have any idea on who will be the mother of your kids?" Then he suddenly responded with " don't want to be the mom of my kids?"

I was just wondering about this..Is this a sign that he has a plan of proposing a marriage to me in the near future or what?


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  • To me, yes. Seems like he wants to be your husband.

    • does this indicate an upcoming proposal in the near future?

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    • thanks for the good comment. I really don't understand why some people thought that he's a jerk

    • You're welcome! ;)

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  • it sure does :)

    • Really? What does it mean?

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    • Haters.. :) laugh can mean that you are

      happy .. or maybe he just remebered smething fun abuot you and him

    • about **

  • sure sounds like it kudos!