He thinks that I should get over being mad at him?

My boyfriend, God bless him, has been rough lately(and part of it's not too new, just didn't notice it too much before), a couple nights ago he had a meeting with the law over a bench warrant due to a traffic ticket...that could've been taken care of from the get go, then to top it off it was hours before he was suppose to meet my entire family, extended. I'd already been stressed beyond belief because it seemed this past week, everything horrible than can happen, will, then now between being upset with/worrying for him, not actually enjoying my family, and then being humiliated in front of family I haven't seen in years because of this whole mess, and then tomorrow we're suppose to do stuff for his car and he tells me all this other stuff that's going on last minute I say random things...it's like he forgets when things happen or can't ever think to tell me things that are important...and then assumes he's told me...and then when I'm still partially upset with him, because my emotions have been 100% out of whack since Mon, he gets mad at me for being upset, because I'm wondering why he can't take care of things when they happen instead of always waiting until it gets too big?

For the record, we're looking to get married, I want a responsible man, don't always want to have to be his "mommy" if you get what I'm saying...
This was a question asked in frustration...and who's to say a semi-unmotivated 21 year old, won't turn motivated...my dad did...it's not impossible...


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  • Maybe you two show reconsider the whole marriage thing lol

    • He's a great guy, who's hit a time of depression...he loves me and visa versa...and while I'm mad at him, I'd do anything(within reason of course) for him...and that's not the poncy, whatever type attitude that some get...seriously, while he's got an irresponsible(at times...he can be responsible when he wants) fault, it doesn't mean I should drop him like yesterday's news.

    • But you know your going to have A LOT of patience with him down the line, honestly he's not going to change, what he's like now is how he is going to b years from now. Which is why I'm telling you to put aside the marriage thing for awhile. That's something that bugs you and your going to make it official later on then you should let him know.

    • Well seeing as unless my father shines his blessing before I finish my BA and possibly Masters...its' a long time...but it's this momentary thing I'm frustrated with, not the overall...that's really the question's about.