Upset that others call him grandpa. Reasonable?

Ok so my mother was an only child and at a younger age my grandpa and grandmom got divorced. He got married to an other woman then divorced then married again years later to my current stepgrandma. So my mother is his only child and when he married his current wife she already had a bunch of kids. So at this point my mother is older and so are the other kids. Now because of this marriage he moved up to vermont to be with her. Now a days he has stepgrandkids that are my age and some a little older. On Facebook I see how they call him grandpa. It pisses me off beyond belief. Is it wrong of me to be upset that they call him grandpa when I'm his only real granddaughter?


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  • Well he is there grandpa through marriage, so it's still OK for them to say that.


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  • They can as far as I knw