Why am I still attached with him?

hey it's like there is thig guy who we were about to be in a new ralationship but I just screwed up I don't know why maybe cause I was too jealous and that I don't see him averyday Because he's not in my high school I was just seeing him all the weekends whatever it's like since this summer I knew that he was in love with my bff I was kind of jealous but he haw the right to do it Because like I said I wcrewed up my chance but wince I knew that we were like always talking every night on skype and he did also came affront to my house at night to talk but now they are not going to be in relationship Because she do love someone else and she did say that to him , so it's like I don't know what to do but I do know that he have some other girls who's waiting for him to propose and I'm going to be insane I still thinking of him but when my friends and his friends told me if I still in love with him I say NO I know I'm lying but I cannot say the truth Because I don't wanna loose him, he's too precious for me ! so what should I do !


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  • You like him because he's with someone else, Basiclly what you can't have you want

    • yeah I know ! :p :/ but yesterday he said to me that he don't wanna talk to her about their things , he said he don't wanna at all because I was kind of pushing him to talk , and my bff just went to her house and I knew this morning she left because she said to him he was talking to me an bla bla like he was always with me playing around laughing ... I know he is more confortable with me than her . and my cousin told me that she feels like this guy lool he's attached with me so?

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