What makes a guy want to marry one woman, and not the other?

Oh yes the big M word! Well guys, how do you decide? If at all? I know I have a bunch of friends who I didn't think were ready to be married, or at least I didn't see them getting married or engaged, but here they are. Early twenties getting engaged and married, and having kids.

So how long does it take, and what do you look for? Plus what makes you choose to not marry one girl you have dated for like 4 years, but then the next girl you only date for like two months and then you are engaged?

I seem to be getting the bad karma or something Because I can't even get a guy to stay with me for more than a few months :( Even though I am pretty awesome to be with. I cook, clean, am a classy lady and still have no luck with the menfolk. I'm with a guy now, but I'm not sure where it is headed and I kind of don't care at this point. I am kind of used to being alone anyway...

But how long does it usually take and what makes you feel that "wow this is the woman I want to spend forever with"?


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  • how young she's is, her sexual experience, mutual life goals there are girls you will date, and girls you marry, marriage is a lot more then just about "love" there are a lot of variables that go with it


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