Marriage talk? Have you had one?

So, how would you go about having a frank discussion about marriage and the future?

I'm in a serious relationship, have been for about 9 months, we've lived together for three so far, and I've been on the family vacation with his entire clan.

The other night at the pub with some friends the topic of other people being married or not came up and that night I had a dream in which my boyfriend proposed with a plastic ring and I said yes, but then hid our engagement from my family.

I told my boyfriend about the dream and he got uncomfortable. I know guys don't usually like to have these kinds of conversations, but it's not like I'm itching to get married. Obviously my dream meant that I wasn't ready for it, but it did get me thinking that I do consider him marriage material.

Ah well, have you ever had a conversation about marriage with someone who didn't like to talk about it?


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What Guys Said 1

  • We had one, yes. She loves me and all that, wants to be married and have 4 kids, whatever. But ironically she won't move into an apartment with me yet ever? But wants to get married? Then the best part is, Saturday night she sends me a text dumping me. So much for all that.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well my guy sort of kept on indirectly proposing to me when we were dating. He would say things such as "whenever you want to get married, just let me know and we can get married" or some times he would say "well you know, when we get married you will be living with me" things like that. Whenever he would say something like that, I would say something like "Ok, I'll pretend you didn't say that" because I didn't know what to say to that kind of stuff. Anyways how he proposed was he went on and on about how our lives would be if we were married, I was like "Are you seriously asking me to marry you?" and he said "yes, so what do you say?" and I asked him a ton of questions to make sure he was marrying me for the right reasons and there was no question about it that he truly loved me. Then I said "i'll marry you some day" and then he said the only day he had available to take off work was in 3 months, so we got married 3 months after we were engaged and my wedding was a bit rush rush. hahaha, I bought my wedding dress etc 1 week before the wedding. We decorated all of the stuff the night before.

    Anyways, sorry I got off topic but yeah... I did get married and we did have that conversation.