Guys, what would make you want to settle down with a girl?

This is mostly aimed at the guys who are afraid of marriage. Is there some specific quality that a girl could have that would make you reconsider, or a certain vibe in your relationship? And if your friends and family thought that you should settle down with a specific girl, would that make you think more about doing it?

Or for guys who have been afraid of marriage in the past but ended up doing it anyway. What made you change your mind? Was it something about her or was it just because you reached a certain point in your life where you wanted to settle down?


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  • I'm interested to see what the guys have to say.

    I think that guys propose when they realize that not matter how messed up things get down the road, they love you so much they will never be able to let go, even when it is in their best interest. At least that's why my friend proposed to his wife.


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  • the same that women want to settle down