What makes a woman marriage material?

Just want to see what guys look for in order to want to marry someone..


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  • if she knows what she wants


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  • Faithful. Low drama. Good partner/shares goals works toward goals. Sexually compatible. Fun. Not a nag.


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  • 1. Attractive

    She's either young aka 20s or looks younger than her age if she's the same age as him

    2. Pleasant

    Pleasant means pleasing him:

    She's cheerful/happy

    she doesn't bother him with her moods/emotional stuff or need to talk

    she's had less sexual partners than him if he's not a virgin

    she doesn't compare d*ck size,

    she's okay with not orgasming as her orgsm = her responsibility

    she has sex as often and pleases him during her period

    she doesn't nag him & doesn't complain hen he nags hr (aka pester her for sex)

    she does what she wans sexually

    she semi fills her gender role (doing most of the housework, cleaning, child raising) but doesn't expect him to earn more than her or be the breadwinner

    she lets him do what he wants sexually

    ^ yeah that's an actual list the other 'qualities' just do with sex stuff

    • Where did you get that from?

    • I'm not sure if I can link to sites gwith explicit images (it has an image of what is a wife P**sy and what is not)

      Just look up wife material list, wifey vs slut, wife vs girlfriend vs slut on google.

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