Is this a contract marriage?

I met my ex fiances best friend (we will call him D) about two years ago when he discharged the army, he had just got home from Iraq. The day I met him we became instant friends. He hung out at our house so much that he eventually moved in. Little by little the dynamic of our friendship changed. D and I started hanging out more then my ex fiance and I. D and I did everything together, on our down time of course, we had a lot of the same interests. Politics, history, and reality TV. We were able to talk about everything and we had fun with each other even if we were just sitting there.

D lived with my ex and I for about a year. During the last three months, my relationship with my ex turned REAL bad. He eventually went to jail. D also decided to reenlist into the National Guard because he wanted to "kick in doors." He looked for a unit that was deploying to Afghanistan ASAP and a few weeks after he was enlisted the border mission came up so he decided to apply for that. He got called to go to the border.

Okay, the last three weeks that D was home, my ex fiance and I broke up. He went to jail. D was planning on leaving to the border soon, but he continued living in our house with me anyways. Before he left he asked me to marry him. Then he asked me to move with him. I turned him down both times. I told him I wasn't ready to jump into another SERIOUS relationship. We did get intimate, and we kind of made plans to get in contact after his deployment in Afghanistan. He expressed to me that he knew I would eventually get back together with my ex fiance (his BFF). But he said that he would contact me for sure, and we would talk about an US.

Here is the question. I have no reasons to believe that D was "playing" me when our little fling happened. I think he was more afraid that I wasn't serious. Anyways, I recently found out that he got married to some chick. I also started talking to my ex again. I talked to my ex, he said that D's grandma told him that he got married for the medical benefits. Also, I'm a master spy. I found her Facebook and she has absolutely no pictures of him on her page. She says she is married, but she doesn't say to whom she is married. To me, she just doesn't seem like a newlywed.

I guess I'm kind of hoping he will divorce her and come home so I can see him. I'm kind of hoping that maybe we can works something out. I know he is married so I should forget about him, but I do really care about him. I can't forget about how amazing the time we spent together was.


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  • Give it time and space

    • What do you mean by space? Now its been one year and 8 days since he left. I don't get what you mean by space though. Lol he has about 500 miles of space.

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