How will you propose?

guys have you any imaginations of how you will make your girlfriend a proposal? like in a nice restaurant or just spontaneous?


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  • If I ever get the opportunity to marry the woman of my dreams, believe me is going to be outstandingly spontaneous and perfect just for her. I would suggest we go out for a walk in truth I plan to walk her to the place where we first met or went on our first date. now I will call up some of our friends and to meet up with us there. I will keep it a secret from her, when we do arrive, I will say this wonderful speech explaining how lucky I am to have her in my life , how she makes me feel every time I wake up next to her and look her in the eyes, or how she knows what to say when I need advice or a little encouragement. I would tell her how me and her are more like yin and yang, PB&J, cookies and milk, etc. We are two exact opposites of each other, but we synchronize like we were made for each other. After that little speech, ill act like I need to tie my shoe, then ill say look what I found down here, pull out the ring and propose to her. Just as she says yes (Hopefully she does) All of our friends will jump up and scream Congratulations! I can't wait to see the expression on her face =)


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  • I asked a woman to marry me almost two years ago. Things did not work out by the way but I had a pretty good plan. I set up a wine tasting dinner at Bernardsville Inn in NJ. I also reserved a room with the champagne special. It was very very fancy and wow what a beautiful place. I called the matradee and told him I would give them the ring when I got there. I asked them to have the waiter be very clumsy and drop many things. I asked them to have the waiter then drop the ring later on the dinner on the table. When we we there the waiter acted very clumsy. He dropped silverware and knocked over some glasses etc. Halfway through dinner the waiter dropped the ring on the table. I grabbed the box with the ring in it and said "what's this?". I got on one knee and opened the box and said"I love and adore you and will never stop loving you-will you marry me Annette and make me the happiest man alive?". She said yes and my heart was feeling like it would explode. It was the happiest moment of my entire life. Even though things did not work out it was quite an experience.

  • I'll plan something elaborate that will take her by surprise - and yet involve something special that she really likes...will do my best to tie it all together when that happens someday.


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