My boyfriend's sister?

I have been dating my fiancee for 6 years now and we have been engaged for 8 months. For some reason his sister seems to have negative feelings towards me. I have always tried to be nice in the beginning and I feel like she "uses" me. I hear she talks behind my back, but is my best friend when she needs something. I have never had a problem with her and I don't understand why she is so mean. With her brother I feel like she has a "weird" relationship with him. She always wants my fiance to go out and do things "just the two of them" with her kids. She even went as far once to say "come see your son" (which grossed me out beyond all measure) The father of her children is in the picture and he isn't the most fabulous guy, but she did choose him...She tries to say that we hang out with my family more, but that is not the case. I truly only see my family about as much as we see her, but then that goes back to her saying all these bad things behind my back. She calls him constantly every day even after talking to him a couple of times and asks to go places. When we all go out places together she always wants him to pay for her and buy her things, which I understand special occasion presents and things, but these are out of the blue and not always the cheapest things. Once, when she had stayed the night, the next morning she told me to move out of MY bed so she could cuddle with her brother. Of course I didn't move and just went back to sleep...My fiance has noticed the problem and taken steps to address them with her and try to compromise with her but she wants him to be around her all the time! Its driving me insane for the last few years and I have no idea what else to do or I wouldn't be complaining on the internet but maybe some unbiased advice could help...It hurts my feelings when she talks behind my back because all I have ever done is help her and I've told her that I won't help her anymore if she wants to keep talking bad about me but that just made her talk even more about me! My fiance has about had it with her to where only recently he won't take her calls which she blames on me...he stands up for me when she tries to say its my fault but she keeps these fake ideas in her head that she continues to believe anyways...


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  • Your fiance has to make a choice, you or his sister.

    • like shut her out completely? He has done things to try and limit her "dependence" on him and he always sticks up for me so I think he had already chosen possibly

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  • She sounds like she likes himO; No offensee...

    • oh none taken it weirds me out all the time

    • I think maybae you should talk to her woman to woman telling her that you'll respect her only for her brother but that you won't let her treat you like crap. And if she still acts the same maybe its better if you just ty to ignore her.?

    • Thats what I've been doing...just ignoring her lately and only talking to her when she asks me questions...its funny (and as in funny I mean weird) because lately she been saying oh I no "my name" doesn't like me and all this when she talks to her brother like she's trying to get pity or something him...idk he just ignores her as well it just overwhelming :P

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