Could he be changing his mind about marriage?

My boyfriend has told me that he never wants to get married. But over the last month or so he's been sort of joking around and making comments about marriage with me. A few weeks ago we were talking about something and I don't remember what we were talking about but I remember it ended with him saying "we're getting married now!" (jokingly) And he's made another one or two similar comments like that. And then today he singing a wedding song to me.

Would a guy even joke about marriage if he were really that against it? Does this most likely mean he's changing his mind or is it just his sense of humor?


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  • he might be trying to get a reaction from you to see where you are on the idea of marriage. It seems tht he has certainly given it some thought, but he's not sure about it.

    • He already knows that I do want to get married some day though. Thanks for answering.

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