We divorced two years ago after being together for 16 years and I can't stop loving him. Does he think of me?

Do men ever feel this way while they are already in a relationship but must won't say anything? He s the one that askef fora divorce but I.felt he had already checked out of the marriage before that because he started lying where he was and who he was with and sneaking extra money out of the account and blaming his actions on me. I finally left him because he didn't take my threat seriously that I would leave him if he didn't stop all that stuff considering he had left me 7 years ago for another girl but tjen came.begging back and would spend the rest of our lives making it up to.me if I took.him.back. I took him back several times and when I was threating to leave.him because I felt he was up.to.his old ways and he refused to.discuss it and acted like it never hapoened. Why? If he knows the truth. So his reocurring behavior alwauys had mw on edge. Why would he beg me to take him back a year ago blaming me for our failed marriage Because I worked too much refuse to speak to.me now? Iwanted to try and fix the divorce and he says he wants nothing to do.with me. Is it true or just speakn fro, heartache? I don't believe he is happy othwrwise he wouldn't be so angry with me right? Will he ever change his mind? Will he ever face the emotions? He is with.the same girl when we split up coincedentaly but I think he is afraid to b alone and to hurt me but do guys ever decide to think about the past and realize he is making a mistake not trying again? I was his first love and all and 3yrs younger than me.


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  • I think you're right when you say he's afraid to be alone. It's impossible to say whether he'll ever realize the error of his ways, some people do and some people don't. I would imagine after 16 years of marriage he will always have some feelings for you as you likely will for him. That is a huge chunk of your life to be connected to another person and to completely shut that out would be pretty hard.

    • So he's being stubbborn but I don't know if he was leaving this time because of the girl he is still with. His sister doesn't believe he is happy either and with that girl cuzz he doesn't want to be alone but why doesn't he want me back? I took him back in the past but he can't forgive me for leaving him? Why? I didn't leave him for anyone just that he wad disrespect%ng me as his wife and I felt like I wad being taken for a fool. I didn't think.i could ever forgive hi,.but as time.passes I miss him mor

    • I'm sure when the current girl leaves he will come crawling back to you... until he meets someone else again... I'd suggest you stop this vicious cycle before it causes you any more hurt...

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  • um you need to get over him. He is not in love with you or he wouldn't continuously cheat on you.

    • Yes but we want what is bad for us. How could he stop loving me after sixteen years? That's crzy. We would still be.together if I.hadnt left.i wanted to stop taking me for granted and disrespecting me. That's all. He called my bluff

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