Are marriage proposals awkward?

This is probably gonna sound like a very silly question, but it's something I've always wondered about. To me it seems like being in the process of getting proposed to (or proposing) would feel very awkward. Once you see someone down on their knee in front of you or holding out a ring, you know what's coming, but you still have to sit there and wait til the proposal is complete before jumping up and down and giving (or receiving) your answer.

So for those who are married or engaged, what was it like for you? Did it feel awkward or were you too excited and caught up in the moment to feel like that?


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  • Every guy I know who proposed says it was the most scary moment of their lives.

    • Yeah that's not too surprising lol Scary in a good way or a bad way though?

    • Scary in a bad way. The fear of rejection, and that it puts a serious crimp in the relationship if declined at that moment.

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  • from a guys point of view its scary as hell. if she says no, then that's a whole relationship breaker. totally.


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  • Yes, you know what's coming, but part of what makes a proposal so memorable is what the guy says, not just the getting down on one knee part. I just watched "The Bachelor" with Renee Zellweger, and that movie proved to me how important the words in the proposal actually are. Her boyfriend was so gun shy of marriage, hated commitment, but he felt like he had to propose to his girlfriend since they had been dating for a while. The proposal was a disaster, he basically said "I guess it's time" and then said "you win" when he handed her the ring. As if she'd locked on the ball and chain while he was kicking and screaming lol

    She didn't accept his proposal because of it, and I wouldn't have either. What he says matters and I don't think it's awkward at all. It's very sweet.