Last name change?

so I'm talking with my boyfriend and I was saying I was ganna change my first name as a joke and he was all no you can't I like your name... blah blah blah but you can change your last name... so wondering what he was ganna say I asked him what I should change it to seeing if he may say his last name and but he just going what would you wanna change it to... so was he trying to do the same thing I was or is he just that clueless...


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  • How long have you been dating?


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  • Sounds like he's trying to gauge you're reaction.

    Almost the exact same happened to me, my man was like "I love your name, it's beautiful" and I said "well what about my surname, it's boring, not like yours!" and he said "One day I hope you'll have my name"

    We broke up, but he said to me he wanted to propose.

    Sounds like your man is testing water before diving in.

    • Yeah well I guess that's a good thing I guess but I don't think it's geting us any place... If you don't mind me asking what happen with you and that guy if he was going to propose

    • Umm.. I still love him very much, and I think he still loves me. It was immaturity (on his side), emotional needs not really being met (on my side, linked to the immaturity), things like that.. I really hope that in a few years time we'll get back together. He still says he wants to move out with me, but currently we're giving each other time apart. We currently have an awful on off relationship.