Should I stay even if he doesn't want to get married?

Ok so my boyfriend and I have been going out for about a year and 9 months now and we have a 5 month old son. well we broke up on Sunday but got back together today (we just got in a fight over something stupid and realized how stupid it was). We were talking today and he says he always wants to be with me and I said the same thing and he said "aweee, does that mean you want to get married someday?" and at first I thought this was a good sign and I said yes (which is the truth) and he said "not me :/" so now I have no idea what to think!

I really want to be with him but I really do want to get married someday but he doesn't. :( so should I stay with him and just not get married, should I try and convince him to marry me someday in the future, or should I just leave him now?

  • I should just leave him since we don't want the same thing.
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  • I should try in the future to convince him to marry me.
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  • I should just stay with him whether we get married or not.
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  • If it's that important to you then you should break up, but you're young and 9 months is way too soon for any guy to think about being married usually. Give it time if you really care about him. And if later you're sure you love him, then don't sweat it. Marriage doesn't mean much tbh.

    • we've been together for a year and 9 months but you're right it doesn't but it would just be nice

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    • yea I don't know

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  • If you guys are breaking up over stupid things, that doesn't sound like the relationship is on very solid footing. If it were, you guys would know how to fight fair and respect each other even through disagreement.

    And teasing you with that marriage question makes him look like an immature dumb@ss.

    Its completely up to you whether you dump him or keep him, but he's unlikely to mature or change any time soon.

  • you should be single from now on and don't worry about relationships you got a kid to raise

    • yea but it's the baby's dad I could see if it was some other guy how it would be different but it's my sons father!

    • yeah but its a bad relationship if you are fighting over little things and you don't want the same things from each other, you need to focus you energy on what's important now. I never said keep the dad out of his life

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  • If Marriage is something that you really want in life then I would move on to someone who feels the same as you do .

    I would also ask him why marriage is a problem for him and see what he has to say , If it is something dumb then he does not want to be with you .

    • yea he said that his family isn't renowned for it.