Explain The Origin Of The Man and Woman

I'm sure we all have our theories, some more laughable than others

but I still believe mine to be the best,

share yours and I will share mine

Christian, the amalgamation of Christ and Satan

who sent his sons to live on Earth

They were great warriors who fought against each other,

the warriors who had engaged in homosexuality, grew weak and lost the function of their manhoods causing them to curl up inside themselves

This was the very primitive stages of the womb people

Since Christian would reincarnate his followers they evolved(hehe...)

with their previous adaptations so the homosexual warriors would evolve much longer hair, fatty lumps on their chest and smaller brains

The change came swift till they had turn into the 'women'

due to the evolution, Christian thought it wasn't necessary for reincarnation and used the once queer warriors to his advantage and allowed the coincidence of birth

The male warriors have lost most of their strength but the 'women' still harbour some of the warriors signs

such as every month the spirits of the homosexual warriors would cut themselves due to their sadness causing the 'women' to bleed'

and to be full of the warrior's anger

The spirits have taken away our godly powers due to their arousing figures and need for our pleasures to be met


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  • I just found a new theory...

    • Mine or you got one?

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    • Add in a messiah figure who gets tortured to death in there somewhere,

      i think they'd love that

    • It's like... it's like...you're reading my thoughts.

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  • What you said is completely believable and realistic.

  • Adam and Eve. DUH

    • Yes, mass incestual orgies to populate the Earth is a prevalent theory, though it is mocked by anybody with a braincell,

      and rightfully so I should add

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  • Well one day a man and a woman discovered they had different genitals. The man thought of a brilliant idea "Hey, what would happen if I put this in that hole of yours? And the girl answered "Hmmm I'm not sure, but when I touch it I feel great so I imagine it would be awesome." And so the man put this pointy thing inside her hole and it was very good. They tried different positions too. That was when they invented doggy style, and cowgirl. Then after doing this for about 3 months, the girl noticed her stomach getting larger. "What's going on with me?" she asked herself, then she went to puke up her protein breakfast.

    six months later, a baby popped out of the hole and voila! Man and woman were made!

  • Yours seems pretty legit to me I mean it even explains the relationship of evolution to human abiogenesis!

    Thank you now I can drop out of my bachelor program for science and become an art major with an emphasis in Tumblr! Yippee!


  • Wow sounds pretty legit...

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