Is he afraid of commitment or does he think he needs to date other people?

Ive known my boyfriend for about 5 years. We started to date at the beginning of this year and its been amazing. He's always made it known that he's not ready for marriage which is understandable because he is still pretty young. However he tells me he loves but is not ready for a BIG love just yet. He tells me he cares about me and still wants me in his life even if we don't work out.

But idk, a friendship with him doesn't sound possible to me. I love him.

Theres obviously more to this story than just what I wrote but, I guess I'm just confused, is he afraid of commitment or does he think he needs to date other people to know something...argh I don't know ='(

well after a year and a half of being together, I finally decided that we should break up ='(

He says he loves me but is not ready for the love that I want to have with him... He says he didn't want us to break up so soon but in light of the fact that he is unsure of what he wants we decided breaking up was best.

I guess I just need more clarity as to why guys, even with a good thing in front of them, would still have the urge to explore for more...? help


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  • i think he wants to "live his life" some more before he settles down, but he definitely loves you judging by what you've said


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  • I think nobody should be allowed to marry until they are 25. Why? Because that is when your brain fully develops.

    • Thank you for this pointless responce -_____-'

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    • Sorry I wasn't obsesively refreshing this page in hopes that MzNatalie would write back...

      FYI, I have...has it helped? obviously not because I'm on this site aquiring more feedback.

      But please, go back to creatively answering every other question posted on this's obvious you have plenty of free time.

    • It's Sunday so yeah I have lots of freetime.