How to get over my girlfriend?

we were together for 4 and half years.. how do I get over her? does she still think about me? its been 2 weeks now and we haven been in contact..


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  • After 4 1/ 2 years I am sure she still thinks about you. This is probably hard for her too. Sometimes things are hard but, we know what we must do. As far as wanting you back however, it depends on her & your situation...reason for break up etc. I know in the past I broke up with a guy because he didn't treat me right & couldn't trust him etc. Well, the only way I felt I could get over him was to avoid him. I done this for a year even tho it hurt me. Then I spent a year single on top of that to get to know me again before considering dating again.I really do wish you the best of luck. Also, if you were dating this girl for 4 1/2 years without a commitment (engagement/marriage) that could be a contributing factor...just speaking as a girl but I'm at a pt, in my 2 1/2 year relationship that we are going to get engaged/married or we are not...I love him & don't want another but, I need to know he is with me on this...Hope that helps, Shannon

    • We've had are ups and dwns bt most of the time we wer really happy.. The only thing I can think of her breaking up with me is bcoz I didn't take her somewhere she wanted to go.. N she accused me of swearing at her mum which I would never dream of doing.. I wouldn't disrespect any1 and especially some 1 so much older than me... I texted her the other day and she never replied back so I'm just gna leave it nw.. It's obvious she doesn't want anything to do with me.. I'm just gonna try and move on.. Fanks for

  • Maybe she thinks, but she will never tell you that.

    You should get over it. Find a new girl!


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