Will This Relationship Last? Why or Why Not! Please Give logical Answer!

My friend met a man at a club who was having issues with his woman.she moved him in a month later because his woman caught him cheating with her and kicked him out. I told her to wait she has 4 kids and she don't no him that well.he proposed within a month of moving in .she said if he act right through the summer she would say yes.throughout the summer she felt something was wrong,she started recieving blocked calls from other woman bout him.she also almost had a fight in the club with this chick.which for some reason push her to hurry and say yes afraid she will lose him.Everyone kept telling her to wait longer cause eight month is not long enough .This is the first man to every propose to her.so she married him anyways. now she asking me all kinds of question bout the stability of there relationship.Do you think it will last ?or did she married under the wrong circumstances.

  • Do this marriage has a chance! I should tell her to work on it even tho I feel this was stupid.
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  • Do You Think I should stand back and not say anything?
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  • Do you think relationship is serious or out of survival of the fittest? Him trying to go wherever he's allowed.
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  • Do you think the relationship does not stand a chance because of the way it was started?
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  • Do You think he really does love her?
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  • Doesn't seem that the marriage will work, but he cheats and she's desparate so that's the only reason I could see it working. They both want something from the other person. She may want to get her bills paid and he may want a place to stay. I don't know anything about them at all other than that.

    Should you say anything to your friend? You could, but I don't think she will really listen. I've had a few guys who tried the 'move in' stunt. I never fell for that LOL. Next thing you know you have a grown man baby to take care of in addition to the kids or you walk in one day and his buddies are sittin up in your place. I hope the kids are ok and safe, but considering how well they know each other I'll just pray that Jesus takes the wheel on this one.

    My advice to you is that you don't fall into the drama that will be created due to their poor choices.


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What Guys Said 4

  • no, clearly not

    just for clarity let list those red flag signs-

    -he was in a relationship when she meet him
    -he cheater with her with on his then girlfriend
    -he thought it was acceptable to ask to move in with the new Girlfriend after only a month
    -he proposed with in 2 months.
    -HE PROPOSED WITHIN 2 MONTHS (I know I wrote that twice, but that's a really big sign of a nutter.)
    -she recieved blocked calls
    -all her friends told her to wait

    okay that's 7 red flag signs of a problem in a relationship. One mades you think hard, two or three and you're starting to sit up and walk towards the door, and more than four and you should be running as far and as fast as your legs can carry you.

    I know she your friend and all, but she has made a string of very bad judgments.

    What should you do? Not much you can do, other than wait for the drama to unfold If its too painful (and it will, be like watching a car crash in slow motion) then don't hand out with her.

    • Completely agree.

      It sounds like she has enough issues to work out before adding a man into the mix. I feel for her children.

  • Your friend certainly acted too fast! It seems improbable that this relationship could last, but I can't tell from your letter what they really feel for each other. Whether or not their marriage can last depends on their mutual feelings and the effort they're prepared to put into it.

    My parents married just 3 months after they first met and they were happy together until death separated them!

  • I don't think many relationships started in clubs will last.

  • I'm not sure if he even loves her or not.


What Girls Said 4

  • I doubt it unless she puts up with it. 1st she shouldn't of allowed him to live with her. Ya maybe a few days, he could stay in order to find a place. Guys that are quick to jump in are most likley quick to jump out. It was just convenient for him.

  • It all seems to be moving way to fast and she hasn't really had the time to see when or where she should the next step..

    Tell your friend that she needs to have a look at where this new guy is gonna take her life.

  • well she's already married.so might as well try to make it work.

  • your friend did rush into things. She needs to talk to the other girls about him. I'm not sure why girls do this but when other girls know a guy and try to warn the gilr he's dating they take it in a way to mean the girl wants him for herself. I think if the girl were trying really hard to tell her something it couldn't hurt to listen. He sounds like a player anyways. If he would cheat on another girl who is to say he wouldn't cheat on her. If she has 4 kids she needs to be careful.

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