What does he want? In and out of my life like When Harry Met Sally!

I met a guy back in 1996 at a concert. We had amazing chemistry but he lived 3 states away. We were young. He came out for a visit two months after the concert. He stayed with me for two weeks and we had an amazing time but it was during that time he told me had a girlfriend. I had already fell madly in love with him at this point. In fact, he was my first true love. Fastforwarded to December 2006, he came out for a week to be with me but things felt weird between us and he told me that he felt guilty cause he was cheating. Things ended. Fastforward to 2000 where we started talking via email from work. He got married to a different girl. We didn't talk again until 2005 and this time he was miserable in his marriage, et etc. We started to webcam. I too was married and miserable. His spouse walked in on him webcamming me (nothing dirty was happening) and basically she called me on the phone and begged me to not speak to him again or she'd tell my then husband. Nothing was even happening. Fastforward to NOW, I just get email from him on my youtube acount and he's been emailing me all day back and foorth. Married still and now has 3 year old. We are 17 years older...WHT DOES HE WANT now?


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  • You sound like an attractive woman

    • Stop. I mean for real? I'm spiritual so I tend to take these things very seriously. Some past life memories...We don't know what anything is for, but we have to know how goes the energies around. If this person can't stay it is because the energy is still unbalanced with this person.

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  • ohmygosh! that's crazay...

    honestly, it seems to me HE'S NOT OVER YOU!

    Like he keeps trying to get in contact with you. Like he's attempting with other woman, but your the one he always goes to...

    • Yeah it is crazy to me too and kind of hard because tonight he has been talking about some cool stuff and then out of nowhere he kind of teased me (flirty like). I don't know what to make of it because I've never fully gotten over him and just when I think I have he pops up again in my life, seems like every 5 years or so. He said he's coming out my way in October...with his family but not sure if that true or not - think maybe he was testing the waters. Don't know what to make of it.

    • my gosh, seems like your head is spinning ! must be hard :(

      Look, do you still have feelings for him?

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