What does it mean when your boyfriend say that they are ready for everything and more?

Me and my boyfriend of 81/2 had a discussion not to long ago I brought up the marriage subject and I thought I let him know how I felt, that I was indeed the marrying type I wanted to see where he was coming from. And he sat me down and as we started to eat and everything he told me to be honest with you I'm not ready to get married not saying I'm not gonna get married later. Then when he ask me if I was ready to get married...after that conversation we had another one but it wasn't base on marriage so we were talking over the phone and I thought I heard him say the exact same thing he said before I'm not ready for all that. When he got back on the phone he ask me where were we, and I told him I was saying you were Mr.right now and why didi you say your not ready for all this that's when he said I didn't say that I said I'm ready for everything and more ...Why the change... maybe it's too early in our relationship since we only know each other for 81/2

Yeah your right I guess listening to other people I should've know better..I'm not ready either just wanted to know if he was the marrying kind of guy. These two different conversation we had were a week or two apart...so it's not like he change his mine an hour later and said no he's ready no it was like more a week or two before he said he's ready for what I'm giving him and everything and more...so I don't know...


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  • The way you wrote this out is a bit fragmented and confusing. But I'll answer based on what I can understand. It's only been 8 1/2 months. That's not that long and 99% of guys would not want to get married that soon. Marriage is supposed to be for a lifetime, it's not something you want to rush. Most people wait at least 1-3 years before getting engaged. Give him time. And don't pressure him about it if you don't want to scare him off.