Am I wrong for thinking my mom shouldn't throw my brother an engagement party?

on top of the fact she is paying for the rehearsal dinner for the wedding and stuff. I'm in college and NEED school book but she makes it seems like she doesn't have enough for my school books but here she is talking about throwing an engagement party on top of the other wedding stuff? I mean if you claim not to be able to afford me school books then how come she is able to throw this engagement party?


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  • I can see why you'd feel a bit put off but you've got to try and look at it as your brothers wedding being a big thing that sill hopefully happen once. Even if she doesn't have all that much money she will push it just because its a one off, she's excited and wants to be involved.


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  • Your mom pays for your school books? Lucky you. I got lucky when my parents agreed that for every dollar I raised for tuition they would match it. School books are all up to me.

    She doesn't have to pay for your books, she doesn't need them for anything, they're your responsibility. It's not her job to make sure you have what you need for school- you're at least 18 which means you're a grown up now and you need to start taking care of yourself.

    A marriage is a big deal, especially if it's the first time one of her kids is getting married. She's allowed to spend her money on whatever she wants.

    Who are you to complain that your mom isn't paying for things for you when you're going to college? Grow up. She's not going to be there to always hold your hand. You're eighteen, you should have a part-time job by now, or at least have money saved up for this kind of thing. Don't you get money for your birthday? Or Christmas?

    Start looking out for yourself, sometimes things will come up that prevent her from helping. It sounds like a waste to you but to her it's a big deal. She's allowed to splurge on what she wants- especially when you're old enough to afford a few hundred dollars in school books.

    If you look in the right places (ebay and amazon, and used book stores) you should be able to find everything you need for half the price.

    • for one my parent and I have an agreement that if I pay tuition then they will pay for a place to live and expenses which includes books OK. I really don't give a damn if you pay for yours that your own fault my parents help me. don't come on here trying to tell me to grow up you can get the f*** out of here with that

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    • im not spending 90 per book just to get 25 back that's a lose like I said you are no help

    • More like you can pay 25 for the book on Amazon and then sell it for between 20 and 25 when you're done with it. You loose little to no money if you put the work in and do it right. Or you can rent it for 30 bucks and loose 30 bucks. I've never rented, it's just loosing money. Not to mention some of the books are useful and worth keeping. I never sold back my MLA format handbook and I use it every day, just about.

  • I know how you feel. And yes, you are right to feel frustrated or upset with your mother because your education should be more important to her. Good luck! =)