Engagement cold feet? But they were the ones who always talked about it?

OK, so me and my friend are in the same boat here...both our guys brought up the subject of marriage etc first and they are always the ones that mention it, rather than us. We have been in our relationships about 2 years and we are both 25. Obs we are now looking to maybe get engaged soonish, like within the next year maybe. But this is the weird thing, the boys were always talking about it and saying they wanted it but then when we started kinda agreeing and saying yeah that would be great etc, they seem to have pulled back a bit and as yet have showed no sign of proposing any time soon. I don't understand why they would be really up for it and then recoil or make excuses when we say yeah actually that would be great. Is it just because they are scared? My boyfriend tends to say that he would, I quote, "marry me tomorrow if he could" but always says he wants to get more money first...is this him just being sensible or is it usually used as an excuse? Any insights would be helpful. Cheers.

Anyone else have any thoiughts on this...only had one answer so far?


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  • Marriage is a daunting process for any guy, and it usually takes a bit of effort from the girl sometimes as well. It's also not the best of times economically wise to get married too. But perhaps your boyfriend just needs a little push. To be honest, most men need that.

    • Thanks, that's a helpful answer. Thing is us girls are scared of coming off like we're pressuring. Society says we have to just wait and aren't allowed to give any 'nudges' or we are labelled as naggy etc.

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