Has anyone lost hope in marriage? Do the vows mean anything to you?

So many people I know are getting divorced and sleeping around when married.

I've begun to realize that the wedding vows don't mean anything to people anymore, marriage has lost it's "sacredness"

Why do you think this is?

When ever I hear about another divorce it continues to reduce my belief in marriage and reduce my ability to trust any guy I don't know trying to get close to me.

I was raised in a culture where divorce isn't really an option (unless he's abusing you or infidelity).

You promised to love that person and be faithful to that person until you die and you do, you work through your problems no matter how difficult because you made a vow and that vow has a meaning.

Any thoughts / experiences on this subject?


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  • Has anyone lost hope in Marriage? Never had hope in it in the first place it was just bonded slavery for women

    do the vows mean anything to you? It means absolutely nothing

    Why do you think this is? Our replaceable/upgradeable culture. Plus most guys only married because it was the only sure way to get steady sex since sex before marriage is common no incentive on the male side to marry.

    Any thoughts / experiences on this subject? That I never understood why most girls want to be married since women are most unhappy when married. Plus there's only 1 positive from marriage for women.

    • I can see your point in what you say.

      After a woman is married it doesn't take long for her to become unhappy with the marriage...interesting

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  • Idk why it is. Its sad though. I think people have placed priorities outside the realm of family or through good times and bad. I think love has been tainted by television and the media as to what its supposed to be. Its interesting that countries with arranged marriages say that love comes after marriage. Personally I have definitely lost hope in traditional marriage practices, I think its more important to be committed to each other than to go down and sign a worthless slip of paper at the courthouse.

    • Do you think marriage was more meaningful when people were religious?

      Because a commitment was made in front of God and your family and your friends and to break that vow would have been quite appalling.

    • maybe for some people it might mean more...but if you're not religious than why it might even make it seem less meaningful.

  • Maybe a little. But unfortunately some things just don't pan out the way we think they should when people do marry.


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  • I think its really horrible if people don't want to get married don't but don't deceive the other person and cheat and lie to them. I don't know it's messed up. I also don't get why women wear white dresses that have slept around. That means nothing anymore either. my parents have been divorced since I was about 1 year old and I'm fine I was raised by a single mother and I turned out fine. I wish people weren't so hedonistic and could keep the promises they make.. :(

  • Maybe there are other problems like

    -not honoring the vows

    -having skewed morals


    -too easy for them to just up and leave because they never loved the other person in the first place

    -they have low self esteem and think that the more women/men they sleep with the better they are

    -society has a high divorce rate so they think that divorce and marriage is just something accepted

    who knows though, but those are some of my guesses. I am married and I take my vows and my marriage really seriously and I hope to stay married all my life. I think if you really look into it and have hope and faith in your relationship and marriage then, like all things, it can be possible to have a loving and wonderful marriage. Good luck

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