Girls with boyfriend, I need your advice!

I met this girl and was just staring to get to know her and she told me that she had broke up with her boyfriend and she was so glad that was over. We went on a date and she said she had a really good time and even told her friends she had fun. She said she was down to go on another date.

She went away for a couple days and when she came back I asked her about a second date and at first she didn't reply but she did a few days later Because her phone was "broken". She said she was busy on the day I proposed for our date. I later found out from her friend that while she was away she got back with her boyfriend that she said she was so glad she wasn't with him anymore...her friend said that the girl I like got into an argument with the her boyfriend again after they got back together so she's been in a bad mood lately. Also the the girls friend doesn't like the guy she's dating.

The girl I like still hasn't told me anything about getting back together with her bf.

Should I keep fighting for this girl even though she isn't really responding to any of my texts? Don't get me wrong, I really like her but I don't want to blow up her phone and make her mad at me. Is there anything I should say to her?


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  • If you think you're fighting for this girl then you've already lost.. she got back with her boyfriend. A word of caution from experience in a similar situation is do not get too heavily invested with this girl. Obviously if she got back with her ex she can't hate him that much. You're likely to get jerked around a lot and at the end of the day it's doubtful she will choose you over him.