Divorced or separated parents affects your views on marriage and relationships?

Do you think that having divorced or separated parents changes your views or experiences in terms of marriage or even long term dating?

Are your parents, or somebody's you know?

What about if the parents are separated but not divorced? Same effect or no?

Do you think it would make you or other people more hesitant about getting married/lose faith in the idea of it? Or would it make you/them more determined to make it work out, to prove your parents wrong?

Do you think it affected/affects you or other people in the situation?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sure, I think it can. In different ways for different people. Some people may react by thinking marriage is a sham, and others by vowing to be different.

    My parents didn't separate. They were the type that argued like crazy and made us live through it.

    I would say it affected me. Made me lose some faith, become more jaded and much more selective. I'm not interested in proving anyone wrong. If I meet someone fantastic - great. Otherwise I'm not gonna force it. There is no way I take marriage lightly now. I think it's the foundation and basis for all relationships. Its what's in the dictionary for you when you look up relationship. Your reference point. Your parents.

    Depends who you side with too (if you do). I thought my mom was crazy so now I carry a little bag of sh*t regarding women too.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes I think it can. I find it hard to trust guys, yet, I fall for guys really easily. My parents marriage was doomed from the beginning and I have never seen a successful relationship in my life. I want to prove my parents wrong and find a nice guy but it seems like it will be a hard task to do.