That's so confusing, will he propose to me?!

Okay that I like so much called me today, he woke me up actually by his call but I was so happy as it has been a month since we talked, but we text all the time, he wrote a pm on the MSN In love with someone, I didn't ask him about it but then he said I'm thinking about a great proposal, I asked him about who is she but he didn't answer and said more details, then hw told me if I had any ideas I asked him where he sees her he said she's with him in school *I'm not with him at school* and he sees where he sees her *one of the places is where I see him and the others I don't even know them* I told him to just ask her for a date and propose at the end he told me he will buy flowers and a present and I told him that would be cute and wished him luck then he told me he's going to bed I told him OK goodnight he asked when I'll sleep I told him not yet he didn't log out and we chatted then he told me to be right back I told him that I'm going to bed actually goodnight he said OK then goodnight and he logged off does this mean that he was there just for me ?! Then when I went to bed he texted me on mu mobile phone SLEEP :p he's being flirty ? And if so does that mean I may be the girl he's gonna propose to ? I don't know I'm so confused and why is it TODAY he called ? I'm here waiting for some good answers or explanations please


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  • Maybe! 50% chance