Why does he keep coming back?

It has been quite a while (x years) that I stopped seeing this guy...we were nothing serious just lovers...but gotta say it was intense. Since then, we have spoken/seen from time to time w/o romantic purpose. Nowadays, we both are in serious relationships; but just don't get it why he texts again. When I ask him if everything is ok? he said his marriage is good and everything is fine. he has insisted on seeing me and always toss some hints at me. when I asked why is he texting? he said he found my number. I know that if I wanted to have an affair with him...he would go for it. He has always mentioned that I showed him something in bed no one has ever done it. Can that thought carry over the years? Not sure what he wants. He is so cold/hot. maybe just attention? maybe it's the fact I was the one that stopped our dating years ago?


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  • He's a little bored in his marriage and is reminiscing about the past. It starts as a fantasy then the more he thinks about it the more he wants to make it actually happen. He starts to build you up in what he remembers about the past (remembers only the good and probably exaggerates how good it was). Ultimately all he wants is sex from you. Whether it's as good now for either of you as it was then is debatable. Chances are high though if you're both cheating on your partners one (or both) of you will feel very guilty after a couple of fleeting orgasms.


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