How do I get this guy to back off?

my fiances ex still loves her, they are still friends and he is trying to get her to reconsider the engagement and he's spending lots of money on her and he made a GaG account to get on my nerves and to talk to my fiance Because she doesn't have Facebook. please help how do I get him to stay away from my girl?

im happily married and she recently ended her friendship. he was still chasing her so she told him to go away. now I don't have a threat to our marriage


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  • Tell her, you don't approve of that friendship. There is no reason for her to be friends with someone who is openly trying to sabotage her relationship. If she refuses to end her friendship with him, you might be the one who has to break off the engagement.

    You wouldn't want an entire life of disrespect like that would you?

    • yer. she says ''hes just a brother to me'' and I saw him kiss her, she pushed him away and told him not to and then walked off. and yes I do spy on her

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    • She's blatantly disrespecting you by keeping him as a friend in the first place. You shouldn't put up with that. Either tell her to be a loyal partner, or go find a new girl who will actually respect you.

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  • Has she told him to leave her alone? If so, and he hasn't listened and has continued to harass her and bother her, he can be charged with criminal harassment (as far as I know).

    • no she hasnt, she calls him her brother now. but I'm worried that he will take her away

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    • I have to agree with what AltTech said -- she's disrespecting you. I don't think she wants to decide. As I said, it seems like she is enjoying the attention, but she is hurting you in the process. Don't let her push you around like that.

    • yer ill talk to her

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  • If she doesn't dump him as a friend, she has absolutely no respect for you as a man.