Why would a man have a few serious girlfriends at once?

I am talking about serious girlfriends, not dates. I just wanted to clear up any possible misunderstandings. I have been broken up for about a year with a guy that did that. I found out a couple of weeks ago that I wasnt the only one who was "about to get engaged to him?" I am curious and I also want my selfesteem back.


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  • haha well self esteem is a bit hard to give. but guessing that he is like you if you dated him or at least he has some similarities then it probably makes him feel more manly that he can have two dates. or that he can get anything he wants. but all in all somehow it makes himself feel bigger or better.

    honestly I don't know thought because I think I would rather have only one girl.

  • He liked them a lot, but something happened to make him not like her anymore. simple as that


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