Do you consider yourself member of the "lost generation" cause you don't have a job and/or recession?

do you consider yourself member of the "lost generation"...

, young adults struggling to find work are shunning long-distance moves to live with Mom and Dad, delaying marriage and buying fewer homes, often raising kids out of wedlock..

Among teens, employment is about 30 percent...

  • No, I don't consider myself member of the "lost generation", and I have a job that I like..
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  • Yes, I am a member of the "lost generation"..have a job, but does not satisfy me
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  • Yes, I m a member of the "lost generation"..dont have a job..neither hope
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  • I did accounting and saw how the top brass was screwing everyone and giving themselves huge bonus' for doing it and it made me very depressed. So much so that I changed professions.

    Now with 2 diplomas and a degree in another field, I apply for jobs and the people/companies blatantly say if you don't have 3+ years experience then don't bother applying. Not only that they want a graduate that has 3+ years experience that has 3 or more specialties so that they don't have to hire specialists in that field and they require unpaid overtime frequently and will only pay $3 more an hour then what I would earn working at a fast food joint. That's how crazy and greedy my parents and their parents generation has become.

    If they don't hire graduates then they won't have skilled people in those fields when they need them or with the experience to do the job. You also can't get experience in a specialized field if no one wants to hire you because even though you have a degree and some understanding but you don't have the 3+ years experience.

    And before you say start your own busines where do you think a student with a student loan is gonna get the money to start their own business?

    Don't even get me started on the broke economy that's like an Ouroboros feeding on itself with loans after loans.


    As far as housing is concerned my parents bought their house for $180,000 ish and it's now valued at $370,000 and they aren't earning double they did when they bought the house. so if I was to buy their house now I would have to pay a minimal of $1542 a month on the house and $2775 interest a month if I wanted to pay the house off within 20 years. For someone who's in their early 20's now without a job I don't have $4316+ income a month. That's $1079 a week just on the house or an hourly wage of at least $27 after tax. That's with no money for food or gas or any other living expenses meaning your annual income must be $51,792 or above for 20 years to buy a house.

    "often raising kids out of wedlock" - Well that's the side effect of the casual sex generation that people keep denying. The other side effects of the casual sex generation is that cheating and divorcing for assets by women has become so common that most guys don't trust women anymore. It was frowned upon when guys cheated in the past but now with more and more women doing it too the idea of marriage does not appeal anymore.

    Then there is the retrospective jealousy when one partner cannot accept the sexual past of the other where the guy has too look at his wife and think about all the guys that have done her in the past or the girl who has to look at her husband and think of all the girls he's done in the past.

    I personally think marriage is gonna disappear into obsecurity where only the few who truly believe in it as it was meant to be will still marry.


    We as a generation got royally screwed by the previous generations with a lot of things.


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  • No I don't ,

    i actually found a better job recently and make plenty compare to many 19 year olds , I'm happy :)

  • Among teens, employment is about 30 percent...

    well duh. they're teens. not every teen WANTS to work. your stat means nothing

  • Yes :-( this situation is so frustrating.


What Guys Said 3

  • F***ing Baby Boomers screwed our country :\ Even more sickening they f***ed their own kids' future and their kids' kids' future.

  • I definitely feel apart of that.

  • Didn't know we had a name actually. I thought we were the millennials or the 'I' generation lol

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