Why has he talked about marriage SEVERAL times if he can't grow a pair and do it?

I will make as short as possible..Been with ''him'' for 3 steady years,was friends with benefits with him 6 months before that then left him alone for 6 months..He has mentioned marrying me several times.we both have our own places..separate.What is the hold up? why hasn't he officially asked me to marry him yet? He has talked postively about it,like hints to see how I would react if he would ask.I have told him several times I would marry him if he asked seriously without making hints.I am now getting fed up to the point where I was really mean to him last nuight.We both have financial struggle issues and if we were to get married and have one place and help each other it would be a lot better on both of us.I told him last night how I feel and he acted like it was no big deal that I was upset.I told him I feel stupid struggling when I have a supposed man by my side and he doesn't help me finacially at all.I don't help him either yet we are both always working our ass's off and broke.He is hardly ever at his own place.He comes to my place everynight after he gets off work and it can't be about sex because we only do it like twice a week.Wtf? Why has he talked about marriage SEVERAL times if he can't grow a pair and do it?


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  • For a man it hard to just do something like that even as simple as it is... It may cross his mind every second of the day to ask you when if bla bla bla.. so two things could happen he asks or he doesn't do you wait hoping or move on. you know there's nothing wrong with a girl taking charge and just getting it out in the open ask him to marry you I but he says yes before he even thinks about it


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