My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year - we started November 14 of 2007. I love him to death and I dread being away from him. I've gotten past the euphoric stage of a relationship where you're sure you want to marry them because they're perfect. I know his flaws, and I know that he's not perfect. But I also know that if he were to propose to me tomorrow, I would say yes without hesitation.

The problem is that I've given up a lot for this boy. First, the college I wanted. I was interested in NYU, but I live in Florida. He said that if I went to a college far away, he would break up with me because he didn't think he could do a long-distance relationship. I wanted to be an actress - it's the one career that I know I would be happy in. He told me that he would break up with me if I did that because I'd be gone for lengthy periods at a time working on movies or whatever, and he didn't want that. I considered doing the cop thing, but he said he didn't want me doing anything dangerous. He doesn't approve of horror movies or clubs either, both of which I'm a fan of. It really hurts that I can't share some of these things with him.

At the same time, he saved my life. No joke. When he met me, I was dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress from a previous relationship, the complications of which you would never believe. He helped me escape from that trauma so that I rarely think about the boy who did it to me anymore [whereas I used to think of him every minute of every day, no exaggeration]. He makes me extremely happy; he's very playful and caring. We don't get into that many fights, and if we do, we generally make up less than ten minutes later. He's someone that I can't see myself living without.

I've sacrificed a lot for him, but he's given me a new life. Is he worth it?

I've decided that he is worth it. He's been there for me and I love him despite his flaws.

He asked me to marry him, and I said yes. =]


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  • He has too. You can't turn back now.


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  • Only you can decide that. I'd hate for you to have given up some of your dreams, and even seeing movies you enjoy (that's ridiculous that he'd not want you to do that), if this relationship doesn't last as long as you want it to last.

  • He seems to really care about you but at the same time you have to consider the fact, is he being control and does he actually care about what you want, he's worth it if you guys can compromise on things rather than him just no you can't do this or that


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  • Do both.

  • nobody is worth giving up your dream for

    tell him how much you're giving up

    if he really loves you hell let you go

    trust me this will all get to you and it will catch up with you someday

    then you'll think about how much you gave up for him and you think about how you're stuck there because of him and you'll end up hating him

    and then that's it

    you lost your dream, your schooling, your happiness and your love.

    i sound like a bitch but I'm really not

    its the honest truth and as hard as it is to hear it, however rude it is, there are more important things than keeping people happy

    and even if it hurts a lot at first itll all end up having been worth it

    we have the same dreams and I would love to go to NYU and was in relationship like yours that started the exact same month as yours and I gave him up because this is something I've wanted for my whole life

    he may care

    but doesn't he care for your happiness?