Action speaks louder than words? He tried to pull my ring off?

I am happily engaged to my partner. Then I met a new co worker. Since I m very friendly to everyone, I chat with him like I would with everyone else. Never pay much attention into words or actions from him till he tried to pull my ring off. (he seem shy but very respectful in all aspects) Then I put other pieces together, and learned a few things from here about reading signs if he likes me. Such as him trying to grab my hand, put his hand on my shoulders. Y would he want to pull my ring off? What would you do if a girl is taking and you like her?


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  • Well me personally I wouldn't even be flirting with a girl who is engaged. An engagment is pretty much the happiest moment in someones life.

    The dude obviously doesn't respect you becuase if he did, he would know that you are happy. Taking that ring off is another way of saying "forget your fiance".

    Excessive touching is what guys do when they want to sleep with a girl. I say stop talking to him or just tell him righht off the bat that you are not interested and to stop touching you. The more you let him, the more he will think you like him.

    Good luck!

    • Would you distant your self from her if you find yourself attractive to her? Maybe that's y he always declined my invites to come hangout with my fiance and our group of friends. (would you come hangout if you were in his position?) He didn't say a lot but he always listen to what I have to say. So I thought that he is well manner. We have to work together. Wow its hard to reject him I don't want to hurt his feelings. I don't k ow how much he likes me.

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    • Wow, you are right. I was in a similar position. I was in the same school where the guy kissed me then made another girl his g/f. I was more hurt than awkward. I didn't realize he likes me that much. Why would anyone put themselves in a position to like someone who is taking? I have to do what I have to do.

      What do you mean they know how to play the game?

    • People really don't care if they have sex/date a girl who is taken. It kind of makes the girl more attractive and desireable.

      The game is the way guys get girls. Listening to a girl intentively while she is talking is a strategy guys use to gain a girls trust and helps them get comfortable around them. Haha for example: you play the game when you have something heavy to carry, but you let your fiance do it. That boosts his ego and he feels like the man in the relationship.

      Same with guys.

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  • I think he's either rude or a psycho. No one would cross off limits like that. You should have respect for your fiance and stop talking to that guy.

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